Ludacris, 4ize, & I-20- DTP Records- Paper Chasers Freestyles & Interview #1- Full Version

The first Paper Chasers interview with young Ludacris, I-20, Lil Fate, Bangladesh, and ATL freestyle champ 4ize. As seen in the VH1 documentary “ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game” Download the full movie at Luda spits a verse he LATER recorded on a mixtape. Beatbox by producer Bangladesh. Recorded in June 2000, just months before Luda signed his deal with Def Jam South. The Paper Chasers team conducted many more DTP interviews in the years that followed.
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Ludacris Paper Chasers Freestyle

View full version here A freestyle recorded during our first interview with Ludacris, spring 2000, taped 4 months before he released his debut album. From the documentary film Paper Chasers.
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